Art of Inspired Leadership

The Art of Inspired Leadership: the advanced self-mastery and leadership course for Inspired Action graduates

NOTE: Graduation from the Art of Inspired Action Course is required for attending this course.

This is a tuition-reduced opportunity to take a Leadership role in the Art of Inspired Action community as a returning student.

The success of your vision requires your leadership – your team-building, your enrolling others in your vision, your strength, your innovation. How do you learn that? You lead.

You will be leading in this environment. You will have a small team of students that you lead, you will lead the entire group at other times, and you’ll be called upon to innovate and stretch at every step.

Every gathering of The Art of Inspired Action will be led by our Founder + a team of 5 Inspired Leadership students. You and your fellow student-leaders will join the Inspired Action students in all of their activities, and you’ll be called upon to serve at a higher level, as a leader.

What you can expect:

  • A higher degree of self-trust
  • A mastery of clean communication
  • A stronger vision that is happening
  • The ability to play a bigger game, and play full-out
  • A capacity to make powerful offers and requests
  • A comfort level in diving into the unknown
  • Lots of the unknown

This is an more intense commitment – by now, you’ve experienced the Art of Inspired Action, so you know the focus and ability to rise above challenges that it takes to complete the 7-month course. This is a step up from that. Be ready.

Tuition: $4,750

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