Brennan Smith, Co-founder and Leadership Consultant

Brennan’s Vision — Global collaboration for a sustainable future.

Professional Biography:

Brennan SmithPrior to co-founding the Inspired Action Network and dedicating the rest of his life to consulting global leaders and entrepreneurs, Brennan Smith was one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the entire hypnosis community.

Through his decade-long private practice, his teaching on the faculty of two hypnosis colleges, his hypnosis audio downloads on-line, and his group workshops, Brennan has generated transformational change in the lives of over 250,000 people.

He is the author of The Art of Inspired Action (an entrepreneurial incubator journal for aspiring start-up founders) and he wrote the Inspired Leadership column on the Huffington Post (until they changed their contributor format in 2018). Brennan has been featured as a guest on TV and radio and tele-seminars around the world, speaking on the subjects of leadership, human potential, and life transformation. He is a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Personal Journey:

Brennan SmithOn the personal side of things, Brennan considers himself a Kansas boy. He was raised in central Kansas, and only after college (Bachelor’s in Neurophysiology, Univ. of Kansas) did his desire for the bright lights and big city take him to Los Angeles.

It was there that his life-long love of science and Western thought met hypnosis, which he views as applied brain science. In addition to deepening his understanding of the brain, Brennan’s hypnosis journey put him in contact with a wide variety of Eastern philosophies that fascinated him. This West-meets-East mentality has allowed Brennan to communicate principles of the brain and transformational change to a wide audience of people.

Once the private practice work and hypnosis community leadership had naturally transitioned into group workshops and retreats for people from around the world, Brennan felt the need to expand his own learning so that he could offer his clients more value.

That’s when somatic leadership entered the picture. Because Brennan had been training his mind all his life, this body-focused leadership training approach was completely foreign and absolutely exciting. Through daily, physical, leadership presence practices, Brennan finally understood what it meant to embody a vision and live from a centered place of possibility. It is now a primary commitment of his, that all consulting and coaching clients he works with lead their own lives and their organizations from this place of deeper awareness and mastery.

Brennan SmithThis type of embodied leadership is naturally conducive to powerful collaboration, which is why this form of training and consulting leaders is a match for his vision: global collaboration for a sustainable future. As more leaders operate from this space of self-trust, presence, and collaboration, more possibilities arise for creative and generative action for a sustainable future.

Brennan currently lives near the Berkshire mountains (in the Northeastern part of the United States) with his wife and family.