Centering breath is a practice which, when repeated consistently, reliably creates a feeling of being “at home,” regardless of external circumstances or internal emotions.

We are aware that the future is full of unknowns — there are no facts or certainties when leading toward a new future. Centering is a way to move into the unknown with a focused, clear mind.

“Fortune favors the bold”

Do you trust yourself as a leader to also lead your own emotional state? In the absence of self-trust, it is unlikely you’ll be willing to step into the unknown, come what may, and make bold commitments for yourself or your organization.

“But what if . . . “

We understand that it may sound counter-intuitive to imagine feeling doubts, feeling worries, feeling unsure and feeling centered. With practice, centering allows us to experience our emotions as both the feeler of the feelings, and as an observer of the chemistry and beliefs which are generating the emotional response.

In this way, we receive the wisdom available through our emotions as well as the gifts of the information which comes from observing those emotions.

As an example, we had a former client who was prone to full panic attacks (ever since her teen years). After learning and rigorously practicing centering, she reported feeling a full panic attack setting in, only to engage in centering and begin to see the source of the attack, which allowed the sensation to move on, and which prevented many future instances.

We include guided training in this method with all of our coaching clients, and in our Climate Leadership Circle groups.