CLC Training for Activists

NOTE: the free climate collapse support group in Amherst has its own page where you can see more information and sign up to be reminded when the Circle is gathering. Amherst group page.

We see the calling inside so many of us to play a role in environmental transformation and social justice as a perfect set-up for real leadership to arise from the very core of who you are.

Location for a previous retreat, in Costa Rica

It is also our perspective that activists and environmental leaders are operating from a place of resistance, anger, fear, anxiety, or despair around the current state of the environment (and the political environment). By facing and expressing the fullness of these emotions, Climate Leadership Circle (CLC) graduates increase their effectiveness, while reducing their energy output / burnout and strengthening their collaborative relationships with team members and partner organizations.

The CLC journey reliably creates leaders with self-trust, emotional resilience, and a willingness to navigate in the unknowns that the environment is bringing into our daily conversations. Graduates of our work together are the authors of a great turning point for the human race. We are the story-tellers of what’s possible. Are you ready to step up?

Climate Leadership Circles last for seven months, typically from March through October each year. We spend the first four months focused in three key areas:

  • Emotional resilience in the face of stress (from family life, the climate crisis, our work lives, etc).
  • Committing to a set of daily practices which are designed to generate radical self-trust and leadership presence
  • Forming deep bonds of collaboration with fellow participants, who will become laboratory partners for our leadership development

Having done the work listed above, we are now ready to lead others into the new future we see as possible, once we’ve left the safe shores of the old status quo. Now we can trust ourselves to step into an unknown — yet beautiful — future and be followed by those who share our vision for a world that works for all Life on the planet.

You will be called upon to lead during this portion. Your leadership will require maximum authenticity, and a willingness to be uncomfortable. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ve been developing this whole time in our Circle.

To continue learning about the Climate Leadership Circles, let’s have a conversation about your future, and the future that’s possible for the world. Contact us.