Climate Leadership Circle Support Group

NOTE: this page supports a free, community group in Massachusetts which uses our Climate Leadership Circle model.

Information about our 7-month leadership programs for climate activists and organizations can be found by clicking this link: CLC for Climate Activists.

We’re open to hosting / facilitating additional free groups in western MA. Simply contact us at the Inspired Action Network to collaborate in this creation.

COVID-19 NOTE: during the epidemic we are meeting outdoors on private land, socially distanced. To RSVP for these gatherings, you can join our western MA mailing list (below) or join our Meetup group.

We see the calling inside so many of us to play a role in environmental transformation and social justice as a perfect set-up for real leadership to arise from the very core of who you are.

We are gathering community members who share our view that:

  • extinction is avoidable
  • catastrophe is probable
  • collapse of our economic, food supply, water and other systems is now inevitable — and necessary.

We meet on the 2nd Monday evening of the month, at the Bangs Community Center in Amherst, MA. More info is available on the Meetup page, or below.

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About our process together . . .

Being collapse-aware can bring a tidal wave of emotions. We will support each other on the journey of collapse awareness.

We call these Climate Leadership Circles because we believe that:

  • one has to process their own emotions, and learn to be with those emotions no matter how uncomfortable things become
  • once we have faced collapse, and our emotional freak-outs in response, we can begin to imagine a world far beyond an “improved status quo” (it may be a collective vision we end up sharing, or we may follow our individual, internal wisdom where it leads)
  • with emotional fortitude + leadership skills training, we can be the story-tellers who give voice to the post-collapse world we know is possible (a world we can’t see as long as we continue to live from a place of fear or grief).

The leadership skills we will explore begin by generating “power within” — a reliable self-trust that comes when a person knows they can handle uncertainty and turmoil while maintaining their focus on what matters most. Once we’ve established self-trust, we will begin to lead others (our families, our communities, and our policy-makers) toward a vision of a nature-integrated, community-driven post-collapse world. In addition to the theoretical and practical skills of leadership, we will explore adaptation skills such as homesteading, permaculture, wilderness survival, and other ways of being “at home” no matter what our internal emotional state or our external circumstances might bring.

Join us in community, in play, in grief, in learning, and in treasuring our environment and our children / families / friends.

The Climate Leadership Circle process reliably creates leaders with self-trust, emotional resilience, and a willingness to navigate in the unknowns that the environment is bringing into our daily conversations. Graduates of our work together are the authors of a great turning point for the human race. We are the story-tellers of what’s possible. Are you ready to step up?