Leadership in Foreign Affairs

Government LeadershipOur leadership consulting team is passionate about supporting foreign relations, foreign aid, and other public-sector professionals to create high-trust relationships and dynamic alliances, with both in-country partners and with their internal teams.

The foreign affairs sector finds itself at a crossroads, and we’re here to provide empowering support to help diplomatic and aid officers move beyond these common challenges:

  • Feeling trapped between politics and productivity
  • Being attached to the American agenda, at the cost of local relationships
  • Staying centered and calm, despite high-risk assignment dangers
  • Managing embassy and consular staff concerns, and the concerns of their families
  • Avoiding getting heavily medicated by the regional post psychiatrist and/or turning to alcohol
  • Issues created by decreased staffing and/or pressure from Washington to generate foreign relations by email or Skype
  • … and many more everyday stressors.

How do you rise above?

As a global leader, it’s time for you and your team to generate a form of reliable self-knowing that can stand in the middle of breakdowns and stressors while remaining fully calm, fully creative, fully intelligent, and fully empowered. We can train you for this.

Government ConsultingAs a global leader, you and your team will need to create collaboration through communication and relationship-building skills that generate rich trust and ease in dialogue. We can train you for this.

As a global leader, you and your team will want to have a series of daily action steps you can take to ensure that the skills you’re learning from us and from FSI are more than just “pep-talks and good ideas.” We can train you for this.

Contact us to discuss the future of your department, your team, and yourself.