Healing the Divide – featuring The Samurai Game – Jan 28-29 2017 – St Paul MN

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On January 28th and 29th, our community will come together to begin the work of healing the divide that has plagued our political and social lives for too long. We will take a stand against political prejudice, echo-chamber thinking, and us vs. them rhetoric in order to create a local spirit of collaboration and growth.

As a member of the Twin Cities community, you are invited to experience this workshop-based approach to healing, and become empowered as a leader who can share this collaborative spirit on a larger scale.


Clinton faces Trump Trump faces Clinton


This workshop features the world-renowned Samurai Game.

Through non-violent / non-contact battles of commitment, integrity, mental stamina, and physical endurance you’ll face yourself — and in the process, you’ll see how your judgments of yourself and others limit your ability to live the life you most want. In addition, you’ll discover what’s possible when you commit to teamwork with someone even though you disagree with them.

As a result of your participation you will increase your capacity to:

  •    Make and fulfill on inspiring commitments (no matter who’s “on your team”)
  •    Lead, whether you are the designated leader or a dedicated follower
  •    Maximize your integrity and honor, in all areas of your life
  •    Generate decisive team actions, even among a diverse group of people
  •    Stand powerfully in your own dignity
  •    Take pleasure in facing challenging circumstances
  •    Release judgments that are limiting your relationships and possibilities

We can only accept the first 40 registrations, due to room size


Shuharikan - Samurai Game MinnesotaWe’ll be meeting at the Shuharikan Aikido Dojo in St. Paul.  Saturday evening we’ll get to know each other, and get oriented to the game and how to play. Sunday, we’ll jump right in with the game, followed by a facilitated discussion to maximize the value of the experiences we’ve had together. We’ll end the day by discussing possible ways to expand the healing we’ve created into our own social circles and communities.

Afterward,  on Sunday evening, there will be an optional dinner outing for those wanting to bask in the glory of generative conflict, community, and peace.

Saturday January 28th, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Sunday January 29th, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Shuharikan Dojo
265 7th Street W
St. Paul, MN 55102
(651) 696-2750

What to Bring:
Layered, casual, comfortable clothing (skirts and dresses NOT recommended)
A journal and a pen
Your integrity and your courage


How to Play

The Samurai Game® is an intense and challenging simulation that has been called the most effective 1-day* personal development experience in the world.


In the game, participants take on the role of medieval Japanese samurai. There are two armies, and based on the game-play of the armies’ warriors, one army will win and one will lose. Regardless of which army you are on, it is possible that you will “die” in the game. Death may even be your greatest teacher.

The game is played with very little specialized equipment, and with an extraordinary amount of personal commitment and integrity. While there is very little physical contact, the game compellingly invites each participant to engage their opponents with fierce courage and absolute honor.  In the process, participants face their own beliefs about dignity, compassion, sacrifice, leadership, decision-making, and being on a team.

The rest of the rules will be explained when you play.





Background and History

The Samurai Game® was created by George Leonard, who is considered one of the fathers of the human potential movement.  George is the author of The Ultimate AthleteMasteryEducation and Ecstasy, The Silent Pulse, and eight other books.

Samurai Game creator George LeonardMr. Leonard was an Army Air Corps combat pilot in WWII and he was a combat pilot in the Korean War. Many years after his days in combat he attended a reunion with some of his old war buddies. They talked about combat, and how vivid and exhilarating it all was — and almost to a person his buddies said they had not been as alive since. This bothered him.  Yes, combat had been extremely alive for him, but his life following the war was equally alive.  He wondered why it was that his comrades had lost touch with life to such a degree.  This motivated his exploration of the vividness of life in non-combat settings.

This exploration, paired with George’s loves of writing, the martial art of Aikido, and personal development, came together as he was walking to the dojo one day years later . . . he had found a way to re-capture the heightened sense of being alive, while simultaneously taking huge steps in self-ownership, leadership, and honor. The Samurai Game® was born.

Your Facilitation Team

Samurai-Game-facilitator-Brennan-SmithInspired Action Network founder Brennan Smith is one of approximately 30 facilitators in the US authorized by the George Leonard family to run The Samurai Game (there are about 100 facilitators certified world-wide).

Through his online audio programs, his private clients, his book “The Art of Inspired Action,” and his Huffington Post columns on the subjects of leadership and personal transformation, Brennan has improved the lives of over 200,000 people. He is a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, and the Director of Government Services for Sage Alliance Partners, a leadership development firm in California.

Brennan currently lives in coastal Virginia with his wife and family.


Billy Anderson is a commitment to empowering leaders to unify MindBody intelligence for the sake of taking effective action in their lives.  Billy’s vision is to guide each client into a personal inquiry into their total life purpose: to empower each client with the self-awareness to let go of old habits that are no longer useful, and adopt new practices which will lead to the successful realization of their inner and outer journey—a Hero’s Journey.

Billy is the founder of Centered Presence Leadership Coaching and Development. In addition to his certification as a Somatic Coach, Billy has over 17 years of experience in fitness and wellness, holding certifications in Behavior Change, MMA Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, and Corrective Exercise. Billy is a certified sea kayak instructor and Aikido practitioner.

Billy is a seeker of passion and life wherever it can be found, and brings that enthusiasm to his family, clients, community, and the World.


Dennis Coyne brings his life experience, training, compassion, and insight to his work as a somatic coach. He is certified as an Individual and Organizational Coach by the Hudson Institute and as a Master Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute.

Dennis coaches the client as a whole person. His clients learn to tap the wisdom of the body and to become more resilient, think strategically and take effective action.  Before becoming a coach, Dennis successfully practiced law for more than thirty-five years, eventually becoming a partner and chair of the environmental law department in two major law firms.

For many years, Dennis ran marathons and did long-distance biking to develop focus, discipline and stamina. Today, he practices the martial art of Aikido to develop the capacity to transform conflict into harmony. More info on Dennis.


Jude Wimberger Strozzi CoachJude Wimberger is a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach and a Kyu student in Aikido at the Shuharikan dojo in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jude is committed to helping leaders live in their vitality and wholeness and, through somatic coaching, supports clients in moving from wherever they are to a deeper sense of aliveness and connection to life.

Jude is also a business professional in the Medical Technology industry where he has been managing and mentoring leaders for the past 10 years. Jude has extensive experience managing global cross-functional and cross-cultural business strategies and has led teams of up to 50 people. In addition to his career, Somatics, and Aikido, Jude is a certified permaculture farming design consultant and has studied western herbalism for many years. This blend of experiences and modalities provides a diverse and open respect for the power of personal transformation through various approaches.

“May you experience the depth, richness and awesome gift of your best self. And may you offer the awesome gift of your best self to the world.” ~ Jude Wimberger



* We frequently create 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day workshops with The Samurai Game® as the focal experience.  The context for the retreat is custom-designed around your community or organizational needs, but what is universal is how deeply engaged participants are with that context due to the active, experiential facilitation techniques we employ.  Let’s talk.


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