Leadership Consulting



At the Inspired Action Network, our leadership consulting team focuses on transformation at all levels. Whether you’re seeking full-scale culture change or working on project-based initiatives, we are masters at the human aspects of high-performance teamwork, deep engagement, and culture creation.

Organizations who have benefited from our leadership development services include:








While consulting engagements are as varied as the client industries we’ve served, some typical components of the consulting relationship and project execution include:

  • the creation of a custom “leadership college” kick-off experience that fundamentally shifts the relationship all stakeholders have with the ideas of responsibility, accountability, leadership, and the exercise of power (these are typically held in cohorts of 20-30 people)
  • after the primary new mentality is established, additional sessions are designed to support individual project leaders and their teams, helping the new culture become embodied at all levels
  • in addition to project team engagement, coaching for executives and the CEO / Agency Director is vital for supporting them in shifting the organization-wide mood — the context within which all action occurs
  • the above processes continue for the first year, with approximately one quarterly 2-day session for each stakeholder set, and ending with a full-cohort celebration of the ROI, engagement metrics, and safety or other key performance indicators that have been achieved so far
  • from there, the culture is self-sustaining and our work typically shifts to smoothing out any of the smaller breakdowns that are typical during a large-scale implementation; most consulting engagements are complete by the end of two years, and clients opt for executive coaching to continually uplevel themselves and their high-potential mid-level managers

We look forward to meeting you, hearing your concerns or vision, and designing new possibilities together.