Mindfulness Meditation / Attention Training

As we navigate the world and people around us, we are constantly called upon to listen to what is showing up in the given moment and notice how we feel about it, and then respond in a way that is aligned with our commitments, values, and desired outcomes.

Attention training (a specific form of Mindfulness Meditation) is a self-observation practice designed to prevent us from becoming one of those leaders / team members / friends / parents who are blind to their own patterns, triggers, or traumas. We’ve all seen how well-intentioned, loving people can lose the trust of others by being reactive, angry, anxious, or passive-aggressive.

In the practice of attention training, we take 5 minutes out of our day to become skilled at observing ourselves. This is done with the following intended results:

  • staying focused on what matters most, regardless of distracting circumstances or emotions
  • building trust with others more quickly, and giving them our full unfiltered listening
  • creating “space” between our judgments or impulses, and the actions that we choose in response
  • seeing possibilities that come into focus when we slow down and contemplate the full range of choices
  • becoming more aware of our patterns and emotions, and learning to accept those patterns and emotions just as they are

Attention training is a form of mindfulness meditation designed to have us focusing all of our awareness on the physical sensations of our own breathing. Because the focus is placed inside our body, we get the additional benefit of becoming more in tune with the wisdom of our bodies and emotions — a wisdom which can often be ignored in our information-focused world.