Our Leadership Development Team

Founder and Leadership Consultant – Brennan Smith

Brennan SmithBrennan Smith has dedicated his life to serving & training collaborative leaders who are creating a sustainable future for the planet and its people.

This vision of global collaboration has taken form through his coaching & training work in the public sector, his consulting & team-building work in the business sector, and his founding membership in the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Through his books, retreats, web products, and consulting, Brennan has helped over 250,000 individuals to elevate their vision and effectiveness. He’ll know that he can stop pursuing his vision when the entire world is collaborating peacefully or he is dead, whichever comes first.

Brennan’s full bio is available here.

In order to provide expectation-exceeding service, we occasionally enlist the help of our deep bench of colleagues who are subject matter experts on matters of OD, change management, culture creation, and innovation.