The Art of Inspired Action Book

The Art of Inspired Action, Brennan SmithAvailable in paperback and Kindle versions on

Launching a business for the 2 most common reasons – more money and more time freedom – never works out.

Entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders are called to make the kinds of decisions and take the kinds of actions that would scare the pants off of an ordinary clock-puncher.

Yet so many clock-punchers long for the adventure of stepping out on their own!

When faced with the massive commitment required to be a business leader – overcoming fearful moments of decision-making and taking bold action toward an audacious goal – a clock-puncher suddenly just wants to punch that clock again, because money isn’t a big enough reason to overcome those fears.

True success calls us to a vision that lives beyond ourselves and our abilities – it’s a calling to serve the needs of others in a more comprehensive, innovative, and simple way than other players in our market sector.

So how do we generate a vision that inspires people to join our movement or buy our product? And how do we shift our perspective so that our actions become inspired primarily by that vision?

The Art of Inspired Action is a 7-month journey of daily action-taking and writing that generates leadership and entrepreneurial prowess. The book takes you step-by-step on the path of visionary success.

When you read this book you’ll learn to:

  • Create an inspiring vision that activates the support of your community, colleagues, and customers
  • Overcome fear and procrastination, making the journey of business ownership more fun and making your business more successful
  • Coordinate and plan annual, monthly, and daily goals that become the guiding force of your actions
  • Engage powerful mentors to support you along your journey
  • Make commitments that stand strong, no matter what
  • Taste the fulfillment and satisfaction of taking audacious action, even if you might fall flat on your face by doing it

You provide the idea – that project or product that you feel called to create. Then The Art of Inspired Action will provide the launch pad that fuels your idea into motion, then accelerates that movement, and then sustains the momentum throughout the life of your vision (hint: that’s the rest of your life).  Buy the book in paperback or Kindle version now.

The Art of Inspired Action, by Brennan Smith C.Ht.